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Comaba began as an IT side project network. We are now working on developing a high-fidelity MVP for launching this application in collaboration with two front-end developers, one back-end developer, and one Pilates instructor and business manager. Comaba provides two modes, one to allow  users to log their workout records and another to help instructors manage users.

My Role

I acted as design lead from overall brand system design to UX design, all from scratch. I spearheaded collaboration as part of a multi-functional team, working with a PM, a business strategist, and engineers.


PM - Yerin H
Front-End Developer - Hayeong Y
Back-End Developer - Hongbeom J
Business Manager - Hyangjin O
Design Lead - Ted L


4 months

Tool Used

Figma, Slack, Miro, Illustrator, After Effect

About Comaba

Comaba is a workout-logging application focused on interactions between users and instructors.

With Comaba, users can create their own routines or use routines created by instructors and log their workouts. An instructor connected to a user can oversee the user’s workout schedule and provide direct feedback. A user can log their workouts based on a desired routine, and their instructor can then use the log as part of their portfolio in the future.

Our goal is the development of a high-fidelity MVP to invite users and recruit the first investment seed.

Comaba’s PM has been preparing for a pitch competition for Korean startup companies. I became acquainted with her through IT club networking, and we are now partners along with colleagues from various fields, including developers and the business manager, all with the shared goal of launching Comaba.
Problem Context

There is a lack of sympathy with users.

The PM shared with me a hand-drawn wireframe, which was the function-oriented requirement showing which functions could be included in the service. However, I believed that we should also consider facilitating easier log creation as well as more convenient reviewing of logs by users and instructors, something beyond only logging workouts.

Quantitative research

We identified user preference and key factors to consider.

With a Google Survey method targeting 37 Pilates instructors and 76 members of fitness centers, we could identify user preferences and understand key factors to consider before launching the service. (Each questionnaire allowed multiple-choice answers.)

Project Goal


Helping users log workouts with limited discomfort and making it easy to review recorded conditions.


Helping trainers easily manage the scheduling and tracking of bodily changes of users.


Helps users learn routines and log workouts

From the Home menu, users can easily integrate a routine suggested by an instructor into their own routine. As there are few instructors available in the early stages of the MVP, early users can be invited via posts recommended by Comaba in the Home page feed.

Routine creation &
management process

Only one purpose per page

Users may integrate instructors’ routine as in the Home menu, but they can also create their own routines. Users can select a workout of interest and add it to their routine.

Logging workouts simply

Do not overwhelm users

When users are asked to do too much regarding logging, they can start to feel overwhelmed. By having 'Required' and 'Optional' data separated, users can quickly record essential data as long as it includes information about the date, time, and routine. Also, users can use Picker UI to add the date and time tag information, further decreasing the inconvenience of adding data.

workout status

Easy search: Workout status, used muscles, bodily changes

Users can check their logged workout status by date and visually check their bodily changes. They can also visually identify the muscles they’ve used in their recorded routines.

User profile page for greater motivation and engagement

Activities such as accomplishing missions, acquiring badges, and leveling-up promote user motivation to log and work out regularly.

How to switch to the instructor mode?

For the quality and reliability of contents, users should be certified in order to verify their qualification to participate as an instructor. This certification is administered by Comaba.

Instructor’s profile page encourages user trust

Certified instructors may display a certification label and the contents they have created, and this can include the users under their management and the volume of feedback users have posted. Instructors also have the chance to create an optimal profile page to promote themselves.

Simultaneous user management and scheduling

An instructor can see at a glance the changes in the body that a user has achieved through exercise. In addition, they can schedule and manage users by creating and sharing their own routines.


Collaboration method

Document organization for a consistent goal (product launching) among team members

We have participated in remote meetings with two front-end developers, one back-end developer, and one business manager and have used Notion and Slack for document organization.

Using Notion, we organized documents necessary for development, including proceedings, to-do lists according to work field, user scenarios, and functional specification sheets.

We have been communicating through Slack so that we can frequently check up on issues and requests.

Design System

Design system organization for a coherent product

As there is an instructor mode as well as a user mode in the same application, there should be a design system that can establish a coherent product. We are creating and organizing the style guide and UI components while also assisting the developers to create the design system.

Takeaways & Next Steps


First experience as a design lead

In reality, it is not common for a junior designer to lead a project. However, I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to act as design lead with the assistance of the PM, who has been a front-end developer for seven years. Although I did not fully understand API or have much experience with document organization, I am currently learning the product launch process in collaboration with developers who have sufficient experience.

Next step

MVP launch and iteration in April 2022

Our service is currently under development, and we plan to launch it in April 2022. I frequently check for developmental mistakes through QA and update information with the developers. Our primary goal is to quickly launch the MVP for verification by users. After testing them, our next goal will be to iterate the service in consideration of feedback and results.


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